Terms and Conditions

In order to simplify the costing unless otherwise stated Finbar (Pty) Ltd has a company wide standard rate.
Standard rate will be quoted in many areas of the website, and always refer to this standard rate.
Current standard rates at R450.00 per hour.

The client may pay us using EFT to our bank account provided on your invoice or statement. It is your responsibility to provide the proof of payment and supply the correct reference so that we may allocate payment correctly.
We prefer that you supply us with a signed debit order form that will enable us to deduct the monies directly from the provided account. This not only ensures that your services is not disrupted but greatly simplifies our administration.

All service/s with Finbar (Pty) Ltd is payable in advance for the month. In the case were we cannot predetermine your monthly charges, we will bill at the end of the month.

In the event of your cancellation of a project, or any delay of more than two months, after work has commenced, one of the following will be applicable:

  • 25% cancellation fee
  • An invoice for all work completed up to the date of written notification, including expenses; or
  • The amount of any advance deposit made for your project.

All work will remain our property, but will be available if the project should be resumed at a later time.


The unlimited bandwidth usage provided by Finbar (Pty) Ltd is subject to reasonable usage. Finbar (Pty) Ltd reserves the right to request an upgrade to a larger hosting packages should the client have excessive data usage.

Clients will be notified of such excessive usage and provided with alternatives.
Clients are responsible for their own backups and restore.
Finbar (Pty) Ltd will provide weekly backups of the environment (including data) in the case of a disaster recovery.
The web hosting panel makes provision for backup and restore.
Additionally the client is welcome and encouraged to make additional type of backup as might be their requirement including page content in their website content management system.


  • For more information about Registrant Education, please click here
  • For more information about Domain Name Registrant Rights, please click here

Unless explicitly quoted and invoiced as such, Finbar (Pty) Ltd will not be held reliable for the content of your website.
Not only does this include the actual content but also adding it to your website. It remains the responsibility of the client to create and publish their own content.

As an exception Finbar (Pty) Ltd may quote the client to load the content on the website. This quote is based on supplied content or the standard hourly rate as determined by Finbar (Pty) Ltd from time to time.

Products (items in your store) are also considered content of the site. Finbar (Pty) Ltd gladly provides a sample or template of a product on request, to assist the client in starting the process of loading their own products.

Where we did not explicitly quote to load the products this remains the client’s responsibility.

Hosting is on a month by month basis, no contracts apply. Unpaid hosting spaces will be removed from servers after two weeks. No backup’s of these spaces will be available after this. It remains the clients responsibility to do backups before cancellation or migration away from us. Hosting is either paid and active or unpaid and data scheduled for removal.

Finbar (Pty) Ltd allows for a two (2) month waiting period for customer feedback. If no reasonable feedback has been provided we commence with invoicing the work done as at that point in time.

Acceptable use policy of Finbar (Pty) Ltd is subject to the acceptable and use policies of NameHero and the WWW consortium in addition to other related acceptable usage as described in this document.
Find more info regarding IS and the WWW consortium on their respective sites.

Finbar (Pty) Ltd provides online support on our site for your use. If you need additional support, like help to configure your store you should log a ticket at support@finbar.co.za. We do however provide telephonic support or training at our offices at the standard rate per hour.

All “training” calls to Finbar (Pty) Ltd offices will be invoiced at the standard rate. Both telephonic training and training done at our offices must be scheduled ahead of time.

We will post your site on our production servers running in a web staging area. This has the benefit that search engines (like Google) will scan and start to index your site from very early in development phase, without being “live”.
The resources that this staging site consumes are the same as for a normal live production site. The client (You) is responsible for this hosting cost. We provide you with email, database, and hosting space as per normal hosting.
Should you not want to make use of this “staging environment” you should provide us with an alternative.

There are exceptions (such as larger projects) that will be discussed with the client themselves should it apply.

Although Finbar (Pty) Ltd displays statistics of site visits using 3rd party tools we do not keep any statistics data for backup. As a user, you are responsible for managing the stats on your website. We give all web administrators access to the raw log files and encourage backup of these.

Free co.za domains are dependent on 12/24/36 months of hosting at Finbar (Pty) Ltd for all packages except parking.
Free SSL certificates are issued for a 3 month period at a time with free renewals while hosting at Finbar (Pty) Ltd.

The hosting industry in South Africa is driven by bandwidth. All our packages get calculated primarily based on bandwidth. Other factors such as spaces used on the disk and email usage etc. also play a smaller role. Your control panel will at all times show you your totals regarding space and bandwidth. When the bandwidth gets exceeded an additional invoice will be payable on the over bandwidth usage. The rate gets published on the hosting pages on this website.

All services may be cancelled with notice given 3 days before the end of the month. (Notice may be by any electronic means).
The Client may also login to the admin system and stop all their services with immediate effect.

Finbar (Pty) Ltd will close accounts that has not paid for their services. The client will be notified via our admin/accounting system. Full details of this document can be found in the ADMINISTRATION SYSTEM.

Clients will first be warned of payment, the second step is to suspend the services and if no payment has been received the system will close the client’s account and remove all their services and data from our servers before the next month-end run, which is normally around the 25th of each month.

If the client decides to move their business elsewhere, it remains the responsibility of the Client to get their website files, databases, emails and other relevant data from servers. We remove all data once an account is closed.

We are not responsible for data after termination of services by either yourself or because of non-payment of your account.
Please also note that when accounts are closed (as per above), websites developed by us are also lost if you have not retrieved your data. (We develop and keep your website content online, with the exception of some designer files nothing gets stored locally.)

Finbar (Pty) Ltd makes use of commercially licensed email software. We maintain backups of all data for 24 hours for the purpose of Disaster Recovery only. The client is responsible for their own mail. We have no control over whether you delete mails or not. If mails are removed from the mail server it is no longer available for us to recover after 24 hours.

IMAP protocol synchronizes server mail with client devices and vice versa. When using this protocol the emails will be available if your client device is “lost”. Replacing the client device and re-configuring the software will re-synchronize your mails again.

Finbar (Pty) Ltd provides a service to our customers for remuneration. Our accounting system will invoice you when services need to be paid in addition to statements in order for you to see the full financial records.

The accounting system keeps key communication fields in order to email and SMS the financial as well as notifications to the clients. It remains the client’s responsibility to keep all relevant information up-to-date.

The administrative system enables all our clients to self-manage their services at any-time. This system is currently published at https://finbar.co.za. The system is constantly changing to allow for more functions but in it’s current form supports the ability to manage hosting functions and domain actions.

By logging into this admin system the client understands and is responsible for their account details and ensuring that the credentials is kept secret. Many actions like registering an Domain Name has direct financial implications that the account owner becomes responsible for. The access to the above system is recommended only by selected responsible representatives of the company or organization.

Please ensure that your password for all our systems are strong and changed on a regular basis, in addition to not using those passwords on other locations.

The free .co.za domains only applies 12 month contracts and renewal of packages respectively. The free domain registration is limited to one domain per hosting package.

Finbar (Pty) Ltd provides a store front with “products” that you can buy using selected pay methods. The following conditions and restrictions apply to the product categories.

Finbar (Pty) Ltd buys royalty free images and provides these images as part of configuring website content. We do not actually sell the image but rather the placement of the Image(s) on a website and sizing it.

Themes called “Click & Collect” websites all get developed “in house” using the latest WordPress CMS versions. The theme is sold “as is” and we only add content to the theme. Changes to themes are subject to specifications and approved quotes.

Finbar (Pty) Ltd agrees that the all the information disclosed by the client (you) including such information disclosed in writing, orally or by inspection of client’s (your) property, relating to (without limitation) the company’s prototypes, samples, technical data, trade secrets, know-how, actual and anticipated research, developments or products, product plans, services, software, inventions, processes, discoveries, formulas, architectures, concepts, ideas, designs, drawings, personnel, customers, markets, marketing plans, distribution methods, financial information, sales or programming matter, compositions, drawings, diagrams, computer programs, studies, work in progress, visual demonstrations, manufacturing plans, confidential information disclosed to the company by third parties and other data, whether oral, written evidence now subsequently becomes generally known or available by publication, commercial use or otherwise, through no fault of Finbar (Pty) Ltd.

Finbar (Pty) Ltd agrees to use the confidential information solely for the purpose to use all possible means to maintain the confidential information in strict confidence and at least those measures that it employs for the protection of its own confidential information, but in any event not less than a reasonable degree of care to disclose confidential information only to Finbar (Pty) Ltd employees who are required to have the information to perform their duties on behalf of the client (you).