A good-looking website is the most important online asset your company has. It is the face of your company. It will have the faces of your directors, managers and staff. Your company’s story and most importantly, its values and policies written in black and white for the world to see.


To prove your authority in your industry, you should have a good-looking website. In this blog, we will answer who, what and why, you need to use a web designer to make your website and yes, probably a little more.


Who uses Web Designs?

If you have your website built upon a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, then you are using a theme. A theme is, basically, a named web design.


To answer this question plainly, everybody uses a web design in one form or another. Whether you are using an agency or making your own website by adding pre-made layouts to a webpage, you are using a web design in one form or another.


A CMS is engineered and designed for a theme to plug into it. These CMSs provide the support you need to add or edit content, allows for different user roles, plugins, settings and customization of the theme.


What is Web Design?

Let’s take a step back. Let me explain very plainly what happens when a theme is to be made. First, a team is assembled and will be comprised of a graphic designer, a content manager, web developers, web designers, a business analyst, and a team leader, to name a few roles. They are tasked with making a theme for the textile industry selling clothes and home content. They will need to brainstorm the different types of pages needed (Home, About Us, Contact Us, Blog, Shop, etc), the different types of content for its products (Men, Women, Children, Home, etc) and all the images needed. The theme is then wire framed and signed off for development. The theme is built and tested for responsive design across devices. Once testing is completed, it will be released for download.


This makes it easier for you to get your website live. You download the theme, replace the images and content with yours, change the font size and colours, adjust the padding or the margin widths to personalize it and then you enliven your website.


Simply put, web design is a very big part of the process of building a website. I’ll explain the not so small, but not so insignificant part, next.


Why Use A Web Designer?

So, you got a beautiful website made for your company and everybody approves of it. However, after going live, you are not getting the traffic you thought you would get, and nobody is visiting your website. That agency whose theme you are using is gone and can’t be found. What’s gone wrong?


Did you consider search engine optimization (SEO) whilst doing research? Does your theme have built-in support for SEO or plugins that can be used for SEO?


Then you realize that not all themes are built the same. Unfortunately, it is just as important to choose a good web designer as it is to choose a good theme to work with.


Most web designers, whose backgrounds were graphic designing, stay far away from SEO and that is a sign of a bad web designer. If it was made by a developer, then it probably has little SEO or nothing at all. Before you have your website made, research about the theme that you will be using. Write down what you currently have and then compare it to others. This is why it is important to use a web design built for everything you need before the website goes live. Also, a web design that is scalable.


Search Engine Optimization

So often it is overlooked and understated. Yet, if you start researching SEO you will begin to realise how important it is for your website and your company’s future. By doing just the basics, your website’s rankings will improve, more customers will be directed to your website and you will be more excited about the future of your company.


Don’t get me wrong. Changes to your rankings on Google will not happen overnight. Adding your location with land marks such as parks, buildings or schools can make an immediate impact. SEO is a long-term project which will improve your company’s authority and will eventually improve sales.


Content Marketing

Having a good content marketing strategy is key to improving your company’s brand. By executing a well-planned strategy and using all the online and offline channels available, you can create an engaging blog with a strong following, speak to people on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube), write letters to your customers with a personalized paragraph which helps bring them closer to your brand.


The Divi Theme

We used the Divi builder and the Divi theme to make our website. The Divi Theme is currently the most widely used theme on WordPress. It supports plugins made by Elegant Themes, its parent company, as well as third-party companies. It allows plugins for SEO, social media, commerce, mailing, as well as client forms and many more. The theme also supports dynamic content and pricing if you use location-based pages.


The theme is updated regularly for security purposes, new layout packs are added for different types of industries and overall general improvements are made to improve performance.


We have chosen to use Divi because it was created by a team that understands the importance of great web design.


By combining a well-made theme with a content marketing strategy and SEO you will give your website it the best start, possible.


In our next article, we will discuss how web design impacts content marketing.



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