Simply put, if you want a website, you need web hosting. I’ll explain what web hosting actually is, and why it’s needed.

From the get-go, you’ll need a dependable web hosting company that understands your specific hosting needs and requirements. You need to ensure that their web servers are optimized for your website.


What is Web Hosting?

Having web hosting provides you with all the space you need to make your website. Think of web hosting as a home to store all your web pages, images, documents and more. As your home grows, so does the size of your web hosting space.

The web host company you choose will sell you server space for you to essentially rent. This company will manage your web servers and make it easy for you to host your website so that visitors from across the world can access it.

In order for your website to be online, you need to first acquire a domain name. Think of your domain name as being like the address of your home. Your home address combines your name with your street number, name, suburb, city, province and the postal code so that nobody else can claim your mail. Your domain is the same. It is your website’s address and nobody else can claim it.


Why You Need Web Hosting?

If you want to make a website and have it become your company’s storefront, then you need to start by purchasing a web hosting package from a reliable company. Fortunately, hosting packages are very affordable today.

1.  Make Your Website Safe

When you purchase web hosting you will automatically be given a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate by your web host company.

Using this SSL certificate with a Content Management Software (CMS) such as WordPress, the Divi theme that has another layer of security on top of it, and other security plugins will ensure you have a higher level of security.

Ensure all web pages, images and links on your website are served using https. By doing this, it won’t just improve your security but Google’s SERPs will look more favourably upon your secure website.

Your web hosting company that you choose (Finbar included) must offer 24/7 expert email support, at the very least, so you always have someone you can contact immediately if you ever run into an issue.

2. Take Control

By having your own web hosting package, you have full control over the updating and maintenance that is required on your server.

You can decide when to update your CMS, or theme or plugins. Maintenance times can be carried out at the least busy time of your website. This is different for all websites. For some, it can be conducted on a daily basis, for other websites it could be the middle of the month when they can update. Always ensure that it is the quietest time for your website.

As you will have full control, you never want to have your website down. Always remember to do a complete back up of your entire website before making any changes. This is very important as you will lose customers and many won’t return.

3. Customisation Options

Having web hosting space is like having bought a piece of land ready for your home to be built upon. The land has all the plumbing and electrical connections your new home requires. All you need to do is build your unique home, i.e. your website and connect it to the services, i.e. the internet using a web host company.

Your website needs to have a unique look. Let it stand out and be memorable.

4. Dependable Service

You need to be assured that your web host company treats and queries as a priority. Make sure you know ahead of signing the contract what their turnaround times are on query resolution.


Who Needs Web Hosting?

If you’re building a website to sell products online, write and profit from a blog, or promote your freelance work, you will need you a web hosting company.

Having your own web hosting package provides you with customisation, control, and scalability over your website and online presence.

In our next article, we will discuss your hosting options and how to choose what’s best for you.


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